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Ambrane MiniVac 01 portable cordless vacuum cleaner launched

Ambrane has launched the MiniVac 01 portable cordless vacuum cleaner in India with a robust 3200 RPM speed and 4000 Pa suction capability. Supported by a durable metal blade, it effortlessly eliminates dirt and debris from any surface.

Crafted from high-grade ABS material, the Ambrane MiniVac 01 ensures durability, and its lightweight design, weighing just 142g, adds to its convenience. It comes with 4 different attachments and has a power button at the back for easier functionality.

The advanced HEPA filtration system guarantees allergen-free air by capturing even the tiniest particles, promoting a pristine and healthy environment. With a washable filter for long-lasting use and easy maintenance, the vacuum cleaner offers a seamless cleaning experience.

Equipped with a powerful 70W motor and dual, 2000mAh batteries, the MiniVac 01 provides up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning. The inclusion of an LED indicator Charging Cable adds to its versatility, adapting to diverse cleaning needs. Thanks to rapid Type-C charging in just 3.5 hours, the MiniVac 01 ensures minimal downtime between cleaning sessions.

Pricing and Availability

The Ambrane MiniVac 01 portable cordless vacuum cleaner is available in green and black colors, is priced at Rs. 1499, and is already available on, Flipkart, and Ambrane website. The company is also offering a 1-year warranty for this product.

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