Apple extends battery cycle lifespan for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro


Apple has updated its battery lifespan expectations for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models. Originally, it thought the batteries would last for a certain number of charging cycles, but now it believes they’ll last twice as long.

This means the batteries can endure up to 1,000 complete charge cycles while still retaining 80% of their original capacity. The increase in lifespan is due to improvements in components and power management systems within the iPhone 15 models.

These changes enable the devices to withstand more charging cycles without a significant loss of battery capacity. However, this update only applies to the iPhone 15 series; earlier models are still expected to last for 500 cycles.

Apple introduced new battery health controls with the launch of iOS 17, allowing users to optimize their battery usage. One feature limits charging to 80%, which can help prolong battery lifespan by reducing stress during charging.

The recent iOS 17.4 update further enhances battery health monitoring by providing a clearer interface. Users can easily access battery health information and charging optimization settings from the Battery section in Settings (Battery > Battery Health on their iPhone 15 or later).

However, older iPhone models do not display battery cycle information. Overall, these updates offer users better insight into their device’s battery performance and help them optimize charging habits for a prolonged battery lifespan.

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