Apple reveals how ‘Scary Fast’ event was on iPhone 15 Pro Max


At Apple’s recent “Scary Fast” event, where the new MacBook Pro and 24-inch iMac took center stage, a behind-the-scenes star was hard at work. All the presenters, breathtaking locations, and drone footage for the event were filmed using the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The footages were then edited on Mac computers.

In the behind-the-scenes article, Apple emphasized that the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera system has redefined smartphone videography. Its video quality is on par with that of professional video cameras.

It supports ProRes recording up to 4K60 fps with Apple Log encoding, ensuring incredible detail for post-production color grading. What sets it apart is its support for the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES), a global standard for color workflows.

Empowering Creativity

Brian Oakes, the documentary film director known for award-winning works like “Jim: The James Foley Story” and “Living with Lincoln,” was deeply impressed. He emphasized the democratization of access to high-quality filmmaking. Oakes mentioned,

We were able to get the same complex shots with iPhone 15 Pro Max. Everything is there to be an extension of someone’s vision or personality.

Seamless Integration

The production was guided by Apple’s Jon Carr, a Pro Workflow video specialist with credits including “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Terminator: Dark Fate,” and Jeff Wozniak, known for work on productions like “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” “Avatar,” and “Iron Man 2.” Wozniak praised the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s ability to record ProRes and Apple Log, stating that it seamlessly fits into professional director setups.

Leveraging Apple Ecosystem

The team leveraged multiple iPhone 15 Pro Max devices, connected via Bluetooth to Tentacle Sync for timecode synchronization. Beastgrip accessories, including cages and rigs, added versatility to the production.

New USB-C Connector

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s USB-C connector supports high-speed data transfer of up to 10Gbps, allowing ProRes video recording to an external SSD drive. This enables real-time footage review and adjustments during shooting, and provides editors with enhanced dynamic range for precise color grading.

Low-Light Brilliance

The event showcased the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s improved low-light video performance, with ProRes Log encoding offering exceptional dynamic range for post-production color grading. Stefan Sonnenfeld, Company 3’s CEO, who worked on projects like “Stranger Things,” praised the image quality and the results achieved with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Sonnenfeld says:

I think what I love about the iPhone is it enables everybody who uses it to have access to incredible amounts of information, and with a really intuitive operating system, so that whether it’s myself or my 7-year-old, anybody can pick it up and pretty much use it right away.

Blackmagic Camera App

The crew used the Blackmagic Camera app designed for iOS users, providing professional film camera controls and supporting Apple Log encoding on iPhone 15 Pro Max. This app, available for free on the App Store, enabled seamless integration of traditional filming techniques with the iPhone.

Traditional filming techniques, including the use of drones, were seamlessly integrated with the iPhone 15 Pro Max to capture scenes and showcase the new MacBook Pro.

In conclusion, Apple showcased the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s potential in filmmaking, empowering professionals and enthusiasts to create cinematic masterpieces with ease.


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