ASUS unveils Season 9 of ROG Academy in India

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) has unveiled Season 9 of the ROG Academy, a premier esports training initiative in India.

Geared towards nurturing emerging talent in the gaming community, this season focuses on CS2, providing participants with top-notch gaming infrastructure, mentorship, and insights from industry veterans.

Season 9 of the ROG Academy

Continuing the partnership with Saharyar “BaDMaN” Shaikh as the official coach, known for his 10-year career as a CS:GO In-Game Leader, ROG Academy emphasizes talent identification and development.

Season 9 aims to enhance the educational journey by featuring guest sessions from esteemed professionals.

Past seasons saw over 13,000 registrations, with 48 players transitioning to the professional level. Notable alumni like Seek and Arakyn secured placements in Grayfox Esports, showcasing the program’s commitment to fostering talent.

ROG Academy Season 9 maintains its commitment to educational growth by hosting distinguished guests. Previous seasons welcomed professionals like Lukas “yb” Gröning and Sudhen “Bleh” Wahengbam, providing valuable insights to motivate participants.

Curriculum & Duration

In collaboration with AFK Gaming, the curriculum for Season 9 is designed to familiarize players with various gameplay aspects over a 6-month program.

This includes teamwork, communication, opponent analysis, improvement tracking, weapon selection, skillsets, map breakdown, and execution techniques.

Rewards & Selection Process

Titled “CS2,” Season 9 offers a monthly stipend of INR 15,000 to selected players along with the latest ROG gears for training purposes.

The rigorous selection process involves an application test, theory test, range test to evaluate shooting skills, and scrims to assess gameplay, communication, and role suitability.


Aspiring gamers aged 16 and above can register on the official website, with parental consent required for those aged 16 to 18, starting from February 4, 2024.

The registration process involves answering key questions to help ASUS determine the player’s type.

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