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Funtouch OS 14 launched in India — List of vivo and iQOO devices getting it

vivo has launched a new version of their smartphone software called Funtouch OS 14. This update is based on the latest Android 14 and focuses on making your phone run smoother. They call this approach “Smooth Envision.”

Here are the key features of Funtouch OS 14:

Smooth Experience: Funtouch OS 14 introduces Smooth Envision, which improves the overall performance of the operating system. It reduces unnecessary processes and makes better use of RAM, resulting in faster system responsiveness and the ability to run more apps simultaneously.

This feature can free up to 600MB of RAM for devices with 8GB or more, making multitasking easier. The new App Retainer ensures that whitelisted apps are always ready for you to use.

Visual Smoothness: Some smartphone models will also benefit from Motion Blur, which uses smart algorithms to create smoother visual transitions when opening and closing apps on the home screen. This makes the display appear smoother, even with a 60Hz refresh rate.

Enhanced Multitasking: Funtouch OS 14 improves multitasking with a revamped small window feature. You can now keep up to 12 small windows active in the background.

The OS also supports side-swipe suspension for better control. For scenarios where you need to focus on one app while keeping an eye on another, there’s a new non-interactive mini small window mode.

Personalization: Funtouch OS 14 offers various personalization options. You can customize the lock screen clock style with three layout styles and eight font styles.

There are also new always-on-display styles and a minimalist theme. The MY color palette theme is simple and power-efficient, as it optimizes the display for grayscale visuals.

Video Editing: The OS comes with improved video editing tools, allowing users to create unique content without third-party apps. You can export videos in their original quality, customize video settings (up to 4K at 60FPS), and use 25 filters for creative editing.

Album Browsing: Funtouch OS 14 enhances album browsing, allowing users to adjust video playback speed, loop videos, enjoy full-screen playback, and take screenshots.

Privacy and Security: The OS introduces Smart Mirroring for screen sharing without revealing personal information in the notification bar. Additionally, hidden photos are protected with an extra password verification step.


In May, the company launched the Android 14 beta for the vivo X90 Pro. They have also introduced Funtouch OS 14, based on Android 14 Preview Program, for a select group of X90 Pro users in September.

See the list of devices getting Funtouch OS 14 based on Android 14 and the beta update schedule for India below.

iQOO has also confirmed the list of devices getting it. Funtouch OS 14 is available for iQOO 11 starting today, October 7th gradually, check out the complete list below.

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