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Google confirms 7 years of spare parts support for Pixel 8 Series

Google has stated that it will provide spare parts for the Pixel 8 series for seven years. Google said this to FoneArena, and it aligns with Google’s commitment to offer seven years of updates for these phones.

Soniya Jobanputra, who is the director of product management at Google, confirmed this during an interview with Android Authority. While Google hasn’t shared all the specifics, it’s likely that you can obtain Pixel 8 parts from their partner, iFixit, a repair website based in the United States.

iFixit already stocks parts for earlier Pixel models and provides detailed guides for DIY repairs. Notably, iFixit also offers genuine parts for Pixel 2 to Pixel 6 series phones.

It’s worth noting that these actions by Google coincide with California’s new right-to-repair law. Under this law, companies must make repair parts, information, and software available for seven years if their product costs over $100.

In any case, Google seems committed to ensuring that spare parts will be accessible for the entire lifespan of the Pixel 8 series. This is especially important for the battery, since most smartphone batteries degrade by around 20% after about two years. So, being able to purchase a replacement battery when needed is crucial for keeping the phone running smoothly over seven years.

Google has not yet revealed specific details about when and how these parts will be available. We can expect further announcements and information in the near future.

In an interview with FoneArena, Google’s Director of Product Management, Soniya Jobanputra, shared the following:

Parts will be available for seven years. That’s part of our commitment as we go to the seven years (sic) that we need to make our parts available so you can keep your hardware alive for that long.

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