Google introduces ‘Notes’ in Search Labs for user generated insights


Google introduces Notes, an experimental feature in Search Labs. It allows users to share their knowledge directly on Search, aiding others in finding valuable answers to unique questions and discovering useful information on the web.

Notes in Search Labs

In this experiment, Notes work alongside existing web content, providing additional human insights to search results. Users can gain context about a web page to identify the most relevant information or share their expertise.

For example, you might find tips on choosing neighborhoods in a new city or adjusting the spice level in a recipe. Users can leave notes to help others and share their experiences, contributing to a collective pool of knowledge.

Google aims to offer access to valuable tips from both experts and everyday people through this experiment. The goal is to help users focus on relevant information and learn from the experiences of others. The “Notes” button appears below search results in the Google app and on Discover articles once users opt in to Notes in Search Labs.

Prioritizing Safety and Quality

Google emphasizes the importance of quality and safety in this experiment. They employ algorithmic protections and human moderation to ensure that notes are safe, helpful, and relevant, guarding against harmful or abusive content.

Looking ahead, Google plans to explore ways to provide site owners with insights into notes on their content. They recognize the importance of this for websites and are committed to collaborating with them to determine the most beneficial tools and insights.

As with all Labs experiments, Google plans to test and refine the feature based on user feedback before a broader rollout on Search.


Notes will be available in Search Labs on the Google app (Android and iOS) in English in the U.S. and Hindi and English in India. Google also mentions that the ability to add an AI-generated image to notes will soon be launched in the U.S.


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