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Google rolls out ‘Duet AI’ assistant to Workspace apps

Google has introduced Duet AI, an AI-powered collaborator, as a real-time companion for Google Workspace. This innovation has been used by thousands of companies and over a million trusted testers, making collaboration more potent.

As an example, envision being a financial analyst receiving a late-day request from your boss for a presentation on Q3 performance by the next morning.

Instead of struggling through data, you can simply ask Duet AI to create a summary. It can craft a comprehensive presentation with text, charts, and images using content from Drive and Gmail.

Duet AI can reduce the burden of work by generating a summary from your relevant source documents and automatically building a presentation in Slides.
Duet AI enhances productivity across Google Workspace tools:
  • Crafting emails in Gmail, even on mobile devices
  • Improving content in Google Docs
  • Creating original images for presentations in Google Slides
  • Generating project plans in Google Sheets
  • Presenting your best self in Google Meet
Google Meet with Duet AI

Duet AI is integrated into Google Meet to elevate your video conferencing experience. It ensures you appear and sound your best with studio-like visuals and audio quality.

Duet AI can make your next meeting more productive with an automatically generated meeting summary and action items for you to send out as a recap to participants.

For remote participants, dynamic tiles and face detection ensure everyone is visible and clear. Moreover, real-time translated captions in 18 languages aid global interactions. If you’re absent, Duet AI can represent you in the meeting, conveying your input and sharing a recap.

Google Chat with Duet AI

Google Chat’s updated interface, shortcuts, and advanced search streamline communication.

A refreshed user interface and huddles in Chat can make it easier to connect with your team and come together in real time for impromptu gatherings.

Direct interaction with Duet AI helps with content queries, document summaries, and catching up on conversations. Instant voice conversations through Chat’s huddles foster real-time collaboration.

Data Privacy with Duet AI

Google prioritizes user privacy and security. Interactions with Duet AI remain private, and your data isn’t used to train models without consent. Google bolsters cybersecurity, zero trust controls, and compliance support.

Expanding the Workspace Ecosystem

Google aims to integrate third-party apps into Workspace. Partners like Typeface and Jasper leverage generative AI for personalized content creation within Workspace.

Pricing and availability

Duet AI is available with the Google Workspace Enterprise add-on for USD 30 (Rs. 2,482 approx.) per user per month, and it also offers a free trial.

Upcoming features include studio lighting and sound for Meet, Enhanced Smart Fill for Google Sheets, and more.

Commenting on the announcement, Aparna Pappu, GM and Vice President, Google Workspace, said:

For over a decade, Google has been diligently harnessing the power of AI in a manner that not only pleases but also benefits its users. With the introduction of Duet AI, Google is now enabling individuals to refocus on the most rewarding aspects of their work – those aspects that demand human creativity, innovation, and expertise.

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