Google shares key insights in the Epic games lawsuit


In 2020, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against both Apple and Google. This legal battle revolved around Fortnite’s removal from the App Store and Play Store, claiming anti-competitive practices in the app marketplace.

Google’s perspective on this case provides essential insights into the matter, as follows:

Fair Competition: Google disputes Epic’s assertion that Google Play doesn’t compete with Apple’s App Store. In reality, Android competes vigorously with iOS, and Google Play competes with the App Store, as well as other Android app stores, like the Samsung Galaxy Store and Amazon Appstore.

Multiple Distribution Options: Google refutes Epic’s claim that developers are compelled to use Google Play. Android offers various ways for developers to distribute apps, with most Android devices preloaded with multiple app stores. Developers can also distribute apps directly to users, a flexibility unique to Android.

Value Beyond Payment Processing: Google Play offers more than just payment processing. It invests in tools and services to support developers at every app development stage, fostering business growth and ensuring a secure and trusted environment for users.

Lowest Fees Among Major App Stores: Google Play’s service fees are actually among the lowest of major app stores, with 99% of developers qualifying for a fee of 15% or less. This fee structure encourages digital transactions and innovation in apps.

User Choice in Payments: Contrary to Epic’s claim, Google is piloting a system that allows users to choose between Google Play’s billing system and a developer’s system for in-app purchases, offering users flexibility and security.

Security Concerns: Google emphasizes its commitment to user safety. Epic’s demands to remove security notifications for downloads could risk the security and privacy of Android users.

User Choice Billing Program Launched in 2022

In response to concerns and to offer relief, Google introduced the “User Choice Billing” program in 2022. This program aims to provide users with more billing choices while maintaining Android’s safety.

Google has faced similar legal challenges in various regions, including India, where it has argued that the fees support Android’s security. Allowing third-party apps or sideloading apps could jeopardize essential safeguards and Android’s ability to compete with iOS.

Upcoming Trial

The trial is set to begin on November 6th in the United States District Court in California’s Northern District. A tentative list of witnesses, including executives from both companies, has been released.

Epic Games plans to call Google and Alphabet CEOs and CFOs, while Google will present its case to defend its actions in this ongoing legal battle.

Sharing the insights, Wilson White, VP, Government Affairs & Public Policy, said:

Android’s versatility and adaptability benefit consumers and developers of all scales. We eagerly anticipate presenting our case in court as we strive to ensure the safety of our users, collaborate with developers to nurture their enterprises, and maintain the flourishing and well-being of the Android ecosystem for all.


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