Nothing releases Glyph Developer Kit to app developers


Nothing has released the Glyph Developer Kit, just as it promised. These are a set of tools allows third-party apps to manage the Glyph lighting interface on the back of Nothing’s phones.

For those unfamiliar, Phone (2) has 6 separations in the center and 33 addressable LED lighting zones, compared to 12 in Phone (1). The top right alone has 16 customizable lighting zones and includes a glyph composer for custom ringtone creation.

Glyph Developer Kit

Upon release, the company stated that developers have the chance to create their own Glyph Interface integration. Interested parties can start building now and sign up to be notified when API key registration opens.

The necessary resources and support documentation can be found on GitHub. Furthermore, the company provided insights into how the Glyph Interface is structured for Nothing Phone (1) and Phone (2).

This includes details on GlyphFrame, which indicates the Glyph to be used, as well as GlyphFrame.Builder and GlyphManager for controlling the Glyph Interface. Developers can utilize GlyphManager.Callback to verify successful connections.


To get started on your Glyph project, developers are invited to start their Glyph projects today and sign up to be notified when API key registrations open.

Additionally, Nothing invites users to share their demos and experiments on the Nothing community platform using the Community Projects tag.


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