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Pixel 8 Pro display bump doesn’t affect durability: Google

Some Pixel 8 Pro owners have noticed circular bumps on their screens, possibly caused by pressure on the soft underside of the 6.7-inch OLED panel, reported some users on the Google support community. The bumps are consistently seen on the top edge, near the front-facing camera, and along the left and right edges.

The report stated that the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 cover glass remains unaffected. Teardowns suggest components may be pressing against the screen, or it could be a manufacturing issue.

Currently, there is no impact on touch functionality or image quality. The concern is whether the bumps will worsen over time and damage the display.

Several users have reported the issue, some seeking replacement from Google. However, replacement devices show the same problem. Some users are requesting an extended warranty.

In response, 9to5Google report quotes a Google spokesperson stating that users may see impressions from components, but it doesn’t affect performance or durability.

Despite current reassurances, users are worried about potential future issues. While the original warranty is valid for a year, some are calling for an extended warranty.

Google has a history of offering extended repair programs for earlier devices, so it remains to be seen how this situation develops in the coming days.

In response to 9to5Google, a Google spokesperson stated,

Pixel 8 phones feature a new display. In certain lighting conditions, when the screen is turned off and not in use, users might observe impressions from internal components that resemble small bumps. Importantly, there is no impact on Pixel 8 performance or durability.


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