Snapchat now lets parents limit sensitive content for kids

Snapchat has announced the launch of Content Controls, its newest Family Center feature that lets parents regulate the kinds of content their teenagers can access. Parents can filter out Stories from publishers or creators who may have been identified as sensitive or suggestive using Snapchat’s new Content Controls in Family Center.

Parents will need to have an established Family Center set up with their teen in order to enable content controls. Selecting “Restrict Sensitive Content” in the Family Center settings will enable the feature.

Snap has released its Content Guidelines for community members whose content appears on Stories or Spotlight, detailing what constitutes “sensitive or suggestive” content. The guidelines specify, among other things, which content is deemed sensitive and may be restricted using our new Content Controls.

Additionally, Snapchat has revealed that it is developing new tools for its Family Center, which is centered around My AI. Recall that My AI, which was unveiled last month, is a new chatbot that is only accessible to Snapchat+ subscribers and is powered by the most recent iteration of OpenAI’s GPT technology.

According to the company, the trial chatbot would give parents more insight into and control over their teens’ use of My AI.

Regarding the announcement, Snapchat team cites that,

We hope these new tools and guidelines help parents, caregivers, trusted adults and teens not only personalize their Snapchat experience, but empower them to have productive conversations about their online experiences.

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