Uncovering Mobile App Holiday Marketing Secrets For 2022

The holiday season is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about crafting an efficient holiday marketing strategy. To make the most of the holiday season, brands must stand out in a competitive market by implementing a robust and effective strategy. This season is already creating buzz due to increased sales made on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Mobile has become another term for convenience, with instant gratification being its key component. Failure to recognize this shift in thinking could cost marketers a lot of money this year.”  stated Saif Ansari, Project Manager, MageNative.

While most brands and retailers have already implemented their holiday mobile marketing strategy and tactics. It’s time to take a step back and take one last look at the rapidly changing mobile landscape to ensure effective branding, customer acquisition, and retention throughout the holidays. Businesses should also consider using location-based mobile advertising to drive additional traffic to their stores.

With a consumer base that uses smartphones and other mobile gadgets for nearly every aspect of life and have developed a here-and-now attitude, marketers must address mobile heads-on this holiday season.

“This holiday season will be another litmus test for marketers and retailers to demonstrate that they understand how consumer shopping behavior during the holidays is evolving,” said Dristy Srivastava, Marketing Lead, MageNative.

This free webinar will unveil the latest tips and tricks to help you make the most of your holiday marketing campaigns.  It will guide you to increase your visibility and reach through different approaches like ASO, building an appealing app UI & UX, etc.

Moreover, you’ll be able to discover:

  • Holiday marketing ideas for increasing sales during the holiday season.
  • Leverage ASO to improve the app’s ranking and visibility.
  • How does the app’s integration help resolve user issues and aids in creating a seamless user experience?
  • UI & UX have a significant impact on enticing visitors and helps in driving sales.
  • Why is the app’s security crucial for flawless functioning and user trust?
  • The importance of app updates and performance maintenance. 
  • The issues faced by online merchants related to Retention Rate, Churn Rate, Monthly Active Users (MAUs), Daily Active Users (DAUs), Daily Sessions Per Daily Active User.

So, how did retailers, brands, and marketers use mobile marketing to target consumers during the holiday season 2022? What would they not do, and what would they do again? 

To answer key queries, our marketing experts have put together a free webinar on 17th, 2022 at 9:30 PM, IST. 

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